Farewell to Medina Spirit

Medina Spirit was an American colt who won the last Kentucky Derby. Reports said that Medina was at the Santa Anita Park and that is where he died. The cause of death is supposed to be a heart attack.


The bloodline of Medina Spirit is;

  • Sire; Protonico
  • Grandsire; Giant’s Causeway
  • Dam; Mongolian Changa
  • Damsire; Brilliant Speed

Medina Spirit was folded on April 5th, 2018 at Ocala, Florida, United States. His major wins include

  • B Lewis Stakes (2021)
  • Shared Belief Stakes (2021)
  • Awesome Again Stakes (2021)
  • Kentucky Derby (2021)


Medina Spirit was the only horse to run in five Kentucky Derbies. The last one he won. Medina had a mark of 70.5 on the Timeform scale; he had a mark of 95 on the Longines scale.

Medina Spirit is the only Kentucky Derby winner to have his face on US currency. He is also famous for being an immortal horse because of his ghost sightings. People say that Medina Spirit walks around with a hologram of himself and that he is the only horse to have won the Kentucky Derby posthumously.

Medina quickly became one of the top racehorses in the country. He was undefeated in 2020 and won the Kentucky Derby, which made him the first horse in history to win the race posthumously. After his death, it was revealed that he had been suffering from a heart defect for some time. Despite this, Medina Spirit remains one of the most celebrated racehorses in history.

Medina was trained by Bob Baffert and bred by Gail Rice. Bob Baffert is an American famous thoroughbred horse trainer. He is a six-time Eclipse Award winner and two-time recipient of the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer of the Year.

In racing, a “claiming race” is a type of race in which any horse can be entered for a set price, to sell the horse to the highest bidder at the close of betting. In most cases, the horses in claiming races are not as good as those in other types of races and are usually difficult for most people to identify.

A thoroughbred is a large breed of horse used primarily in horse racing. This type of horse is known for its ability to run quickly and smoothly, with a specific gait that is deemed desirable by racetrack patrons. Most Thoroughbreds are primarily bred for one of two racing sports: flat racing or harness racing.

Horse racing is a popular sport in many countries around the world. In North America, horse racing may be run on either dirt or turf courses and is most often an equine contest open to all age classes who compete for prizes by running horses consecutively against each other.

Medina Spirit is a thoroughbred racehorse who has achieved a great deal of success on the racetrack. Bred and trained by Bob Baffert, Medina Spirit has won over 34% of her races, including the 2018 Kentucky Oaks. Horse racing is a popular sport enjoyed by people all over the world, and Medina Spirit is an excellent racehorse for the sport.

Medina Spirit was surely an icon in the history of horse racing. The colt shall be remembered forever in the history books!